Working on Conrail Property

Accessing Conrail property for any purpose requires permission. The safety of railroad employees and the public is Conrail’s first priority.

Below you will find the requirements and applications for various project types. All new projects must be submitted electronically via the application links provided below.

For all projects Conrail will require reimbursement for its time and resources to support the project. This includes but is not limited to application review, administrative services, engineering plan reviews, flagging or other on-track protection, and inspection.

The execution of a project agreement and the approval of insurances in accordance with Conrail specifications will be required prior to work authorization on Conrail property or right-of-way for all projects.

Regardless of the project type, any intrusive work or excavations on Conrail property will require an Excavated Material and Groundwater Management Plan (EMGMP) filled out by the applicant. Template EMGMP documents are included below.

For any questions regarding the application process please feel free to contact us at

Temporary Right of Entry

For general access to Conrail property and routine environmental investigations, applicants are directed to submit a Temporary Right of Entry application via the link below. Temporary Rights of Entry are generally for projects with a duration of less then 30 days and do not involve any permanent improvements. Project types include but are not limited to the following:

  • Access – surveys, soil borings, routine inspections, oversized equipment movements, etc.
  • Environmental – soil sampling, monitoring wells, remediation, etc.

Pipe & Wire Occupations

For the installation, modification, and/or maintenance of any overhead or underground pipe or wire facility, applicants are directed to submit a Pipe & Wire Occupancy application via the link below. Pipe & Wire Occupancies generally include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wirelines – electric, fiber, cable
  • Pipelines – water, sewer, gas, chemical, hydrocarbon

Note: All pipelines and culverts for the conveyance of stormwater should be submitted using the Public Improvement Project Application link in the Public Improvements Project Section.

Public Improvement Projects

For any construction project that has the potential to impact Conrail’s property or operations, applicants are directed to submit a Public Improvements Project application via the link below. Public Improvement Projects generally include but are not limited to the following project types:

  • Highway Rail Grade Crossings
  • Bridges over the Railroad
  • Bridges Carrying the Railroad
  • Adjacent/Parallel Roads/Facilities
  • Storm Water Management / Flood Control / Open-Flow Drainage
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Trails and Crossings
  • Painting Overhead Bridges
  • Bridge Beautification & Landscaping

Railroad Protective Liability (RRPL) Insurance

In lieu of obtaining an original commercial Railroad Protective Liability policy with Conrail as named insured, we are offering applicants the opportunity to add the associated project to our Master RRPL policy through a one-time RRPL Insurance Fee. For this option, the RRPL Insurance Fee will be collected with the signed project agreement.

Excavated Material and Groundwater Management Plans (EMGMP)

Contractor Orientation

Conrail requires that all personnel working within Conrail right of way participate in the Conrail Contractor Orientation Training Program. Instructions for completing this training are at the link below:
Conrail offers a tuition assistance program for employees who want to further their education by taking courses in a business-related area.